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Tips for driving Learners’ Supervisors

Based on the NSW road rules, the minimum age to start driving a car is sixteen-year-old. But first you should pass the Knowledge Test after which you are given a ‘learner licence’. Using this licence then you are permitted to drive a car; however, the condition is that a person having a full Australian licence should sit beside you while you are driving. That person is called your ‘Supervising Driver’. If you are twenty-four-year-old or younger you are also given a ‘Learner Driver Logbook’.

6 6 19
Tips for overseas drivers

There are many people from other countries coming to Australia every year. Some of them are just visiting this country for a short period of time, while others may intend to stay here longer (for example as a permanent resident). Before entering Australia, some of these individuals have already obtained a driving licence from their own countries. In general, if using their overseas licences, this last group are permitted to start driving here from day one. But the length of this permit depends on the type of visa they hold