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driving school in sydney(hills area)

Harry’s driving school, as one of the driving schools located in Sydney metropolitan area, provides the best teaching services for people who need to get a car’s driving licence

Hi. My name is Harry ROWSHAN. I have been driving for 40 years, in general and as a  professional driving instructor I have been working for almost 10 years in    Sydney. I have driving school in hills area.  I really enjoy teaching people how to drive a car and, I like to help them to achieve their final goal which is getting a driving licence. That’s a very big necessity in everybody’s lives these  days and I know how important is for people to be able to drive a car safely independently. I have the following licences, qualifications and certifications:
1. Full Driver Licence; NSW
2. Driving Instructor Licence; NSW (Automatic cars)
3. Certificate IV in Transport and Logistic (Road Transport- Car Driving Instruction)
4. Working with Children Certification
Most of my clients say that I am a very patient driving instructor. It doesn’t matter  in which stage of learning process you are, I always put enough time to make sure
that you are learning everything in a safe manner.

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